United States — the plague of the modern world

United States - the plague of the modern world

Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Minister of Finance, editor of Wall Street Journal, a professor of political economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University.

— Dr. Roberts, the United States today are considered the most successful nation in the world. What is the secret of American success?

— In the propaganda. If we speak the truth, the United States — is a failed state. We'll talk about that later.

U.S. owe their success:
1. Plenty of room and natural resources that the U.S. "liberated" forcibly from their indigenous inhabitants;
2. European and, in particular, the self-destruction of the British during the First and Second World Wars;
3. economic destruction of Russia and the liberation of much of Asia by communism or socialism.

After the Second World War, the U.S. took the role of the country in the UK, producing reserve currency. This has made the U.S. dollar in world currency and allowed the U.S. to pay import bills in its own currency. Destruction of other industrialized countries during the Second World War made the United States the only country able to supply products to the world markets. This historical happenstance created among Americans feel as if they are the chosen people. Today the militarist neoconservatives speak of the United States as the "indispensable nation." In other words, the Americans above all, except, of course, the Israelis.

In American eyes a vague "terrorist threat", which is a creature of their own government — is sufficient justification for anything naked aggression against Muslim peoples and striving for world hegemony.

This arrogant attitude explains why most Americans do not feel any remorse about more than a million Iraqis dead and four million Iraqis displaced from their homes as a result of the U.S. invasion and occupation that were based entirely on lies and deception. This explains why most Americans do not feel any pangs of conscience about the countless numbers of Afghans, was unceremoniously killed by the U.S. military, or about the civilian population of Pakistan, dying in the course of drone attacks at the hands of "soldiers" sitting in front of video monitors. This explains why Americans are not outraged when Israel strikes at the civilian population of Lebanon and Gaza. Nobody in the world does not believe that the last act of barbaric Israeli deadly attack on an international flotilla carrying aid to Gaza, has not been previously approved by the United States.

— You said that the United States — a failed state. How can this be? What do you mean?

— The war on terror, invented by the regime of George Bush and Dick Cheney, has destroyed the U.S. Constitution and civil liberties enshrined in it. The Bill of Rights was devoid of content. The Obama regime has formalized attack Bush / Cheney on American freedom. Today, Americans have no rights if he or she was accused of "terrorist" activities. The Obama regime has expanded the vague definition of "terrorist activity" to include the "domestic extremism", which is another undefined and vague category is at the discretion of the government. In short, the "terrorist" or "domestic extremist" — is anyone who dissented with the policies or actions that the U.S. government considers necessary for its plans for world hegemony.

Unlike some countries, the United States — is not an ethnic group. It's a bunch of different people united by the Constitution. When the Constitution was destroyed, the U.S. ceased to exist. Today there are centers of power, do not carry the responsibility to anyone. Elections mean nothing, as both parties are dependent on the same powerful special interest groups when they receive money for election campaigns. The most influential interest groups — it's military-industrial complex and the complex of state security, which includes the Pentagon, the CIA and the corporations that service them, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, the oil industry, destroying the Gulf of Mexico, Wall Street (investment banks and hedge funds), insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and agricultural companies that produce food of questionable content.

These corporations formed an oligarchy that can not be shifted by means of voting. Ever since "globalism" has been established by law, the Democrats dependent on the same corporate sources of income as the Republicans, because globalism destroyed prosfoyuzy. Consequently, between Republicans and Democratic no difference, or at least no significant difference.

The "war on terror" was the finishing touch in the constitutional / legal failure of the United States. The U.S. also suffered economic failure. Under pressure from Wall Street, seeking short-term profits, U.S. corporations moved their production abroad. As a result of the U.S. GDP and millions of well-paying American jobs have been moved to other countries, such as China and India, where labor and professional qualifications are cheap. This practice continues with 1990.

After 20 years of offshore production, which destroyed American jobs, as well as federal, state and local tax base, the U.S. unemployment rate, as measured by using the government's methodology used in 1980, more than 20 percent. Stairs to climb the social hierarchy were dismantled. Millions of young Americans with higher education are working as waitresses and bartenders. The number of foreign students in U.S. universities is increasing kazhdm year, while the American population finds that a university degree offset by the withdrawal of overseas jobs, which could qualify graduates.

When derived overseas U.S. production returns to the U.S. in the form of imports, the trade balance deteriorates. Foreigners use their surplus dollars to purchase existing U.S. assets.

Consequently, dividends, interest, capital gains, charges for the use of toll roads, rents and profits today swim abroad to foreign owners, thus increasing pressure on the U.S. dollar. USA managed to sustain the growing demands of foreigners, because the dollar is the reserve currency of the United States. However, the large budget and trade deficits the U.S. dollar will have on the pressure that is too strong, the dollar could continue to play this role. When the dollar weakens, the U.S. population will be ruined.

The U.S. is in deep debt — and this applies to both the government and citizens. Over the past decade, family incomes have not grown. The U.S. economy has supported the expansion of consumer credit and debt on them. Today's consumers are so burdened with debt that can no longer have to borrow. This means that the main driving force of the U.S. economy, consumer demand can no longer grow. Since consumer demand is 70 percent of the economy, when consumer demand can not grow, the economy can not recover.

In addition, the United States — is a failed state because of a corporation or government at any level is not accountable to the people. The company British Petroleum destroying the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. government has done nothing. The reaction of the Obama regime to this crisis is more irresponsible than the Bush regime's response to the hurricane "Katrina". Wetlands and fishing grounds are destroyed unregulated capitalist greed and the government, relating to the environment with contempt. Florida's tourism economy is destroyed. External costs of drilling in the deep waters exceeds the net worth of the oil industry. As a result of the insolvency of the American state, the oil industry is destroying one of the most valuable ecosystems in the world.

— What can be done?

— The American people lost in the land of dreams. He has no idea that he had lost their civil liberties. People are only gradually learning that their economic future at risk. They are virtually unaware of the growing hatred that the world is experiencing the Americans for their destruction of other peoples. In short, Americans think only of themselves. They have no idea about the disaster, which led to their ignorance and inhumanity.

Most people are looking for a country that seems both foolish and cruel surprised excellent conceit of Americans. Is America the virtuous "indispensable nation" of neoconservative propaganda, or a plague to the world?

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