Universal Lada Kalina: production started

AvtoVAZ began assembling a new Lada Kalina in a body "versatile". At the initial stage of daily production rate of about 100 cars. Until the end of September will be made about 1,000 of these machines. This isreportsnewspaper "Volga carmakers."

  • Universal Lada Kalina: production began - Photo 1
  • Universal Lada Kalina: production began — Photo 1

Currently Lada Kalina in a body "wagon" is available in two versions: "Standard" and "Deluxe". In October and will join the line versions of the easy modification of the "standard". Advance release is designed for station wagons 6000 Lada Kalina. 

According to the Head of Marketing Alexander Bredikhina AvtoVAZ, the total sales of "Kalina" first generation wagon share ranged from 50 to 60%. "We expect this trend to continue with the market launch of the new station wagon" Kalina ". Already evidenced by our preliminary estimates, based on polls and incoming orders from dealers ", — he said.

Note that the Lada Kalina in a body "wagon" at 7 thousand rubles more expensive hatchback. To buy a car in the version of the "STANDARDS" will be over 331 thousand rubles, "norma" will cost 348 million rubles, and the "Suite" will cost 415 rubles.

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