Universal machine metal created by Russian engineers

Laser All-Rounder


All stages of the metalworking process can be performed on a single universal machine, created by Russian engineers.

The original design — a powerful laser technological complex HTS PORTAL — created at the enterprise Ltd. EDO "Bulat" (Moscow — Zelenograd).

It is possible to perform a wide range of various operations with quick change tooling and changeover: contour cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, high-temperature alloys, and also — the welding operation, welding, punching, engraving and heat treating. As a universal solution for the automotive, aerospace, tool and a number of other industries, the complex could also become popular with small businesses, workshops and small-scale serial production.

Will be used for new and experienced companies and experimental production in a variety of industries. As practice shows, thanks to its flexibility and versatility, laser system delivers high profitability and rapid return on its exploitation.Constructive basis set is power frame in which there are: automated two-axis table with a movable laser emitter and focusing system, as well as high-tech repetitively pulsed solid-state laser Nd: YAG3 +.

This laser has a high peak and average power, a wide range of software control parameters of the radiation, which significantly extends the application of new items. The main elements of the system (laser power supply, cooling system, control system, which is also a monitor with keyboard and mouse) are located in a separate dust-proof housing. HTS PORTAL is built in a modular fashion, which greatly increases the efficiency of the complex. In particular, it allows for the timely modernization of equipment, facilitates maintenance during operation.

The installation was presented at the end of April 2012 in "Expocentre" on Krasnaya Presnya at the International Forum and Exhibition "High Technologies of XXI century — 2012." This event over the years has built a strong reputation zavevalo unique exhibition project demonstrating the latest developments in the field of high technology and the ability of enterprises to create new high-tech products.

Author: Alexei Labunsky

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