Unmanned aerial system SPARROW-M design HAI

Portable unmanned aerial reconnaissance complex "Sparrow-M" developed at the Research Institute of PFM Kharkov Aviation Institute.

Multi-purpose complex Sparrow-M system of aerial surveillance, reconnaissance and monitoring on the basis of a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle. 

Portable unmanned aerial system based on the mini-UAV Sparrow-M, performs a wide range of monitoring tasks, and intelligence, including anti-terrorist operations and emergency response, and atmospheric monitoring. At the moment, there are already working copies of the aircraft, including its version with vertical take-off and landing. Equipped with a television, infrared and akustichiskoy Apparatus radiation, chemical and photographic reconnaissance.

The main performance characteristics:

length — 600mm, Wingspan — 1050mm, take-off weight — 2.5 kg, cruising speed — 80 km / h, the duration of the flight — more than 1.5h, service ceiling 3500 m, Type of electric motor, power output

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