Unmanned aircraft will patrol the forest in Moscow


"For patrolling forests and rapid identification of fire in the forest-park zone (LPZP) Moscow will use complex with an unmanned aerial vehicle", — said on Friday, the press service of the Moscow department of natural resources and environmental protection.

Unmanned aerial vehicle aircraft type "ZALA421 — 04M" without a crew on board is intended for conducting remote viewing and positioning of objects detected at any time of the day. "Operation of the system is based on obtaining a video or photo equipment installed on the unmanned aircraft. With it is a digital video recording and providing relay and broadcast in real time. Complex consists of a ground control station and 2 unmanned aerial vehicles, a mobile and it can be transferred to myself and to carry on the car "- said the press service.



Navigation and control systems is performed using the autopilot and GPS, and speed of the aircraft is 65 kilometers per hour and is optimal for taking pictures territory.

In July 2011, the Government of Moscow and Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) signed a cooperation agreement on the organization of the use, protection and regeneration of forests belonging to LPZP Moscow, according to which the management of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment were transferred to permanent use of forest areas outside the capital LPZP. At the same time in these territories employees of the organization are carried out sanitary and health and fire prevention measures.

"With the UAV is possible to determine forest fires, area and perimeter of the zone of possible fires, as well as foci of infection stem pests in a range of 25 kilometers. Possible to create panoramic shooting, including remote and inaccessible parts of the forest, and holding detailed survey of small objects and small areas where other species make it impossible aerial "- utochnik agency.

According to him, the advantage of using an unmanned aerial vehicle is its efficiency: the time from the exit on shooting until the final results of a few hours.

"Environmental security apparatus is that used for electric motor for quiet operation and environmental friendliness flight", — concluded the press officer.

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