Unprecedented intensity storm in Texas — Thousands of lightning strikes stun Houston!


Houston was marked by lightning superstorm, reports Houston Chronicle. As far as she was intense? The answer is given Dick Orville, professor of meteorology at Texas A & M University. He helped create a network that monitors lightning in Houston.

To assess the event, you can see the hourly card. This shows you the lightning, according to the model — a cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud, within 100 miles of Houston.

Between 8 pm and 11 pm the progression of lightning across southeast Texas looked below.

First hour:

Second hour:

Third hour:

The number in the upper right corner — 118097. On the second map — shows the output izsch electrical failure during the interval. According to Orville failure occurred after the electrical equipment from lightning flashes. Such cases in a given location might be 10-100. This means that during the 9 to 10 pm can be observed thousands lightning strikes in Houston. "Yes, there was a lot of lightning in Houston on Tuesday night," — said Orville. It was quite a light show.


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