UP-UP Corporation has built a house for the staff Purpe-Samotlor

Residential building in Noybrsk is ready for occupancy.This conclusion was based on the results of the Commission, which is February 14, 2012 inspected the building is ready for operation and checked its readiness for occupancy. The Commission is chaired by the Deputy Director General of the Corporation Shindyalova SA included the Deputy Director of the November UMN V. Samsonov, director of "Construction Company" Ural Industrial — Ural Polar "Dmitry Petukhov, representatives of the contractor, other senior executives.

Recall that this house was built by the Corporation in accordance with the Agreement on cooperation in the construction of social infrastructure of the pipeline "Purpe — Samotlor" and is designed for families of specialists of "Sibnefteprovod."

Permit for construction of 53 well-appointed apartments has been received by the Corporation in February 2011, and while the building area looked like this:



in May:



And today, after 12 months of intensive and hard work, cozy apartment waiting for their new owners.





The members of the Commission carefully examined almost all the rooms in the house and were completely satisfied with the result. During the inspection it was noted that the apartment turned out the light and that is very important in the northern territories — very warm.



It was planned that the apartments will be constructed to serve for temporary accommodation of employees’ Sibnefteprovod "and their families. To date has prepared a lease agreement, which provided for future residents the minimum rent.

In this regard, a special positive assessment done by the builders labor was the comment made by the Commission during an inspection of the property: "If we were given the opportunity, we would love to have purchased an apartment in the house in the property."

This opinion is particularly important given that many of the present members of the Commission personally monitored the entire progress of the construction and, therefore, appreciate the high quality of the materials used.

In addition to good-quality interior rooms, the house is very different from the standard buildings of the area Noyabr’sk noticeably revitalizing dull landscape.





Keys to the brand-new apartments will be handed over to new settlers in the near future.




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