Upgraded Mi-2M made a demonstration flight

On the flight test station "Rostvertol" (part of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia") hosted a demonstration flight of a prototype of the modernized Mi-2M.

The main direction of the modernization of the Mi-2 and Mi-2M version was to replace outdated engines GTD-350 by modern, more powerful and cost-effective production of AI-450M Ukrainian company "Motor Sich".
"We are pleased to cooperate with our company Russian company" ROSTVERTOL. "Thanks to joint efforts and modernization of the Mi-2 received a" new heart "and a" second life ", — quotes" Our Time "words of the designer Ukrainian State Enterprise" Ivchenko-Progress "by Igor Kravchenko, who watched the demonstration flight of Mi-2M.Drove the car Honored Test Pilot of Russia Valery Kalashnikov. With him on board was also chief engineer for flight tests Ayrat Khusnutdinov.

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