Upgraded samples automotive and armored vehicles continue to enter the army CVO

More than 300 modernized BTR-80A, as well as 1.5 thousand KAMAZ trucks and "Ural" get the troops of the Central Military District (CVO) by the end of 2013.

"In the military forces of the Central District in the state defense order received new and upgraded models of weapons and armored vehicles — armored personnel carriers, trucks and transport vehicles. Till the end of 2013 tank and mechanized infantry units of combined arms teams will receive more than 300 wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-80A," — said in a statement Press Service CVO. According to the military, the main difference between this modification of APC is to install a more powerful weapon in the tower of circular rotation: A modernized armored turret armed with a cannon and machine gun 2A72 automatic gun with a caliber of 30 mm and a coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm PKT.

"Carrying weapons from inhabited areas armored turret allowed to increase the amount of space, improve the usability of a gunner and solve the problem of noise and gas contamination of inhabited areas during the shooting. Prescribed crew consists of three people, and armored infantry can carry 7" — said in a release. As noted, on the BTR-80A installed bullet-proof tires, it can continue to move in case of failure of up to three wheels.

"Also this year, the car park filled up with 1.5 thousand CVO KamAZov family" Mustang "and" Ural "family" rail car "- the CVO.

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