Upgrading / agricultural machinery in the Altai region

About 77 million rubles for the purchase of new agricultural equipment since the beginning of the year sent Pospelihinskogo farmers in the Altai Region

These funds bought seven tractors, agricultural producers, the three combine harvesters, as well as fodder harvesting and planting techniques. 39% of the total amount has been invested in the replacement of equipment and technology for the animal. 

According to the General Directorate of Agriculture, farmers Pospelihinskogo area are targeted efforts to update the fleet of agricultural equipment. So, in 2011, for the purchase of new machinery and equipment, they have spent more than 208 million rubles. Over the past year the district parks farms were supplemented by more than 40 machines. 

Note innovative modernization of agriculture — one of the priorities in the development of agriculture. Just last year, agricultural producers Altai purchased 821 tractors, 347 combine and forage harvester 71, 193 seeders and seed drills. Total for the modernization in 2011, spent 6 billion 540 million rubles. For the first six months of 2012 for the purpose in the Altai region is directed 2.4 billion rubles.

In Pavlovsk district for the purchase of new machinery and equipment for animal for six months sent 73.5 million rubles. Park filled with tractors, combine harvester and a powerful high-sowing complex, as well as machinery and equipment for animal husbandry.

"In 2011, on the renewal of agricultural machinery, agricultural producers Pavlovsky District sent 205 million rubles," — explains in the Directorate of Agriculture of the region

According to the department, in recent years in the Altai region modernization of the agricultural sector is at a fast pace. Investments in this area are increasing. In 2005, for the purchase of all types of agricultural machinery and equipment in the region sent 750 million rubles in 2011, this figure had risen to 6.5 billion rubles. Since the beginning of 2012 for the purpose in the region sent 2.4 billion rubles. 


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