Upgrading of urban transport in Rybinsk and Zheleznogorsk

In Rybinsk in 2012. upgraded 10% of trolleybus park.

 Two modern machine park will add to the enterprise by the end of this year. Another — in the beginning sleduyuschego.V This year we have increased our fleet of five new vehicles that we have received from the owner — Vologda holding company. This is a modern low-floor model with electronic drive and great engines that are easy to use, require little maintenance and thus make it possible to save up to 25% of the electricity. " 

The first of these trolleys appeared in Rybinsk in 2008. Then the company bought four cars, winning in court against the Ministry of Finance for non-payment of compensation for the beneficiaries. They are still in excellent condition. Moreover, the current models have the option of an independent course is called "without horns." Perhaps such an option will soon use to extend several routes.
As little as a year to update more than 10% of the rolling stock. Buy new trolleybuses will continue. Now require replacing 12 old cars.

The bus arrived at Zheleznogorsk from Belarus. On the "Neman-5201" is set entirely new German engine «DEUTZ», meeting international standards "Euro-4". Additionally the company’s specialists have installed on the machine board system "GLONASS", mandatory for all vehicles to ensure passenger transport, and transport systems "BARS" (phone prompts).
From November 30, regardless of the changes, the new buses will operate on routes number number 1, 3, 10, 44 and 25

Today, the city line are the four new buses brand "Neman". Each bus is equipped with a navigation system "GLONASS", pickup and enhanced heating system.
This year, the city administration were bought four new buses for intercity routes. As part of the modernization program of the municipal vehicle fleet MP "MTE" from the city’s budget allocated 17 million rubles.





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