URAL-3A was a star at Eurosatory 2012

The latest Russian car "Ural-3A" ("Typhoon") with enhanced mine protection has become one of the "stars" of the international salon of arms "Eurosatory 2012." This writes the official daily publication Salon magazine "Eurosatory Daily", produced by the publishing group "Jane."

On the interior division "Trucks — GAZ Group" and enters it Autoworks "Ural" for the first time abroad presented wheeled vehicle that the West is classified as a car with enhanced mine protection and remedies against ambush MRAP (mine-resistant ambust-protected vehicle ). Its design provides enhanced protection of passengers, cargo, major components and assemblies from the bullets of small arms and mine protection.

As explained by the Managing Director of "Trucks — GAZ Group" and CEO of "AZ" Ural "Victor Corman, in Paris, is a working model of the car, which the technical aspect coordinated with the Ministry of Defense of Russia. This machine is designed on the basis of the famous car "Ural" with the wheel formula 6 x 6 and can move on rugged terrain at a speed of 50 km / h, while for conventional vehicle trail full speed on such terrain is up to 30 km / h Speed advantage "Ural-3A" received by the independent suspension and variable ground clearance. The maximum speed of the car when driving on normal roads 105 km / h

In the development of the car was attended by over 20 leading Russian defense industry companies. In particular, the scientists calculated bronezaschischennost machine All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Physics (VNIIYAF) in Sarov.

Machine weight is 24 tons. Maximum capacity of one-volume hulls — 12 people. Cruising range is 1,800 km. The hulls have special holes for review and firing.

The car is a diesel engine JAMZ-5367 450 hp and a six-speed automatic transmission.

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