Ural-63095 Typhoon project is being tested

The new Russian armored vehicle "Ural-63095" project "Typhoon" is being tested. The developers claim that the car is reliable and can withstand the undermining of the APC anti-tank mine. "Ural" is a triple cockpit and passenger module for 12 people. According to the developers, the car is better protected than the APCs were in service with the Russian army. Not inferior "Typhoon" and NATO-standard, RIA Novosti reported. "Armor protects against all weapons of mass destruction — from small arms to anti-tank mines, improvised explosive devices. Protection level is high and comparable with NATO counterparts," — said the chief designer of the machine Oleg Yakupov.

From a protected body armor can be remotely controlled machine-gun fire, mounted on the roof. The machine is also equipped with satellite navigation and night vision devices, the cabin has a LCD display for control and regulation systems of the car. "Ural-63095", "Typhoon" was one of the forty samples of special vehicles provided by 31 January 2012 at the close of the exhibition in Moscow. The meeting was held in the framework of improving the state defense order. Developers machines offer to take the new car for service of internal troops, but the Interior Ministry is not yet ready to answer whether the agency to purchase the car. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Serdyukov in June 2011 in a show promising military equipment, said that the Russian Army "Ural-63095", "Typhoon" will acquire.

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