Ural Airlines Q1 2013 carried 730,000 passengers

April 17,AEX.RU— Airline "Ural Airlines" for the first quarter of 2013 carried 729 thousand 999 passengers, the press service of the airline. During this period, was performed 6 thousand 399 flights, including on international routes — one thousand 857 on domestic routes — 2 988 thousand, and in the CIS countries — one thousand 554.


"Passenger" Ural Airlines "for three months in 2013 increased by 25% compared to the same period last year. Total passenger" Ural Airlines "for three months in 2013 amounted to 339 thousand passenger-kilometers in 1967," — said in a statement.

During March 2013 passenger traffic "Ural Airlines" has increased by 24% compared to the same period in 2012. In March, "Ural Airlines" performed 2 thousand 292 flights (compared to the same period in 2012, the figure rose to 24%). In particular, it holds 690 international flights, 1 thousand 001 flights on domestic routes and 601 flights to CIS countries. In March, the services of "Ural Airlines" benefited 265 thousand 356 people. Actual passenger traffic in March was 712 thousand 861 thousand passenger-kilometers, which is above the level of 2012 by 21%.

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