Ural Automobile Plant GAZ Group reached a record pace car production

In July 2011, the automobile plant "Ural", "GAZ Group" was released on record in its history, the rate of production of trucks — 62 trucks per shift.

In the first half of 2011 at the car, like all companies included in the "GAZ Group" has grown productivity, which allowed for an increase in wages to employees automobile.

In the first half of the Automobile "Ural", which is part of the Chelyabinsk regional branch of "Russian Engineering Union," a 17% increased productivity: in June, revenue per employee of the company was 254 thousand rubles., Which is 24% higher than the same period of 2010 year.

In July 2011, the car plant "Ural" produces 62 cars per shift, in June, the volume of production was 60 cars. In 2010, the average maximum rate was 50 cars. This is a record rate of assembly in a single shift in the history of the company. "A few years ago, are launched over 50 trucks, it was considered a record number. Moreover, the range of cars assembled on the assembly line today are technologically more complex and diverse. During the first half of the year on the main conveyor companies made cars" Ural "167 different versions.

In accordance with the adopted in the "GAZ Group" program to improve the quality of life and motivation of employees, from July avtozavodchan the average salary increased by 11.3%. This is the motivation of work for those who are conscientiously doing his job, cherish the interests of the company and its business reputation.

One of the main ways to achieve the best performance at the car in the first half of the year was the continuation of the production system deployment tools GAS: 5S, standardized work, offline servicing of equipment, building flows avtokachestva, fast changeovers, etc. In each unit, including office, the application analyzes the current state, developed the improvements are carried out activities to achieve the objectives as a result of decreasing the complexity of the processes, reduced time of the documents. Special attention is paid to safety and improve ergonomics, standardization of work, reduction of non-productive labor.

Director General of auto plant "Ural" Victor Korman, head CHRO "Russian Engineering Union": "The policy of" GAZ Group "aims at providing social protection for its employees, the company is focused on providing decent wages for work of employees. During the first half of the year all the employees of enterprises" GAZ Group "and a factory" Ural "with no disciplinary action taken part in the distribution of profits earned by the end of 2010. Such a trend will continue in the long term, the main criterion is the performance of business performance. Improving working conditions, the development of incentive programs for staff allows to increase production efficiency, improve product quality and enhance the company’s competitiveness in the market of commercial vehicles. "


JSC "Automobile plant" Ural "was founded in 2001 as a result of the restructuring of the industrial complex UralAZ." Ural "- main asset division," Trucks "," GAZ Group ". Plant produces wheel-drive trucks with load capacity from 4 to 20 tonnes, lorries for operation on paved roads with capacity from 9 to 25 tons, watch buses on the basis of four-wheel drive vehicles, cargo vehicles. Automobile plant "Ural" is one of the leaders of the Russian market of trucks.

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