Ural innovators say a new word in the production of light-emitting diodes

Ekaterinburg company "Optolyuks" started production of innovative energy-saving LED lamps with improved thermal conductivity. Perspective project received state financial support and innovation center for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region.

Innovation of the project are the solutions that reduce the cost of LED lights, as well as increase its consumer qualities. These decisions relate to the development of LED chips (modules), tech buildings, ways of processing materials. The total economic effect is reduced to reduce prices lamp to 1,000 rubles apiece.

According to the director of "Optolyuks" Yaroslav Ruzanova, our specialists have developed LED modules with improved thermal conductivity.

"This technology increases the light output of LEDs is almost two times, thereby reducing the number of LEDs per light without sacrificing quality of light. As a result, dropping the price of the final product, opens the possibility of designing ultra-lights. Besides, we have constructed a system of aluminum profiles for industrial and office fixtures of all sizes. Now we are completing the development of a reliable and cost drivers — the power supply. This is a very important element. domestic industry produces almost no power supply, and analogues of imported products are not of high quality. Therefore, the production of power supplies its own design — one of the tasks in actually reduce the cost of LED lights. Note that in our plans to increase the production of office of LED lamps up to 20 000 units in 2013, "- said Jaroslav Ruzanov.

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