Ural Locomotives plant (photo)

Report of Fame Stepanova

"Ural Locomotives" — Railway engineering company, located in Upper Pishma 7 km away. from Ekaterinburg. Belongs to Ekaterinburg and concern Siemens AG. The plant produces long-haul freight locomotives DC commutator motor drive "SINARA" (2ES6) and freight electric locomotives with asynchronous traction drive "GRANITE" series (2ES10). Preparations are underway for the production of new electric trains "Swallow" for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The main consumer products — JSC "Russian Railways".

The industrial complex is designed to produce 120 freight locomotives a year. It consists of 17 sections for metal machining, forming wheel sets, welding, assembly and testing of basic units and components of electric locomotives, their application and drying.

Land assembly wheel-motor units

Plot welding and assembly of electric bogie frames

Robotic welding bogie frame

Assembly-body electric welding

Forming portion of wheelsets

Plot welding and assembly of electric roof

Winding pantograph

Cab locomotives have a modular design that is reliable protection for locomotive crews

Preparing to paint electric

Painting booth

Electric locomotive "SINARA" series 2ES6 with commutator motors.
Designed for driving freight trains on the railways, electrified the DC voltage of 3 kV.
Can drive a train weighing up to 9000 tonnes in areas with a rise of 8%.

Electric locomotive "Granite" (2ES10)
Allows you to drive convoys of up to 10,000 tons, almost twice the capacity of electric locomotives VL11.

Technical characteristics of electric "Granite" outperform VL11 electric parameters by 55-60% electric "SINARA" — 30%.

Under the terms of existing contracts with the Railways "Ural Locomotives" secured order book until 2016: it 2ES6 240 electric locomotives and 221 electric locomotive series 2ES10.

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