Ural Pharmaceutical Cluster opened in Grozny outpatient dialysis center

Ural Pharmaceutical Cluster opened in the Chechen Republic of the modern center of outpatient dialysis.

The clinic was built entirely by private investors, members of the Ural Pharmaceutical Cluster. The project was prepared by the Ural clinic specialists, and it is fully equipped with equipment manufactured in the Sverdlovsk region.

For this center in Chechnya delivered 14 vehicles "artificial kidney", which are produced in Novoural’sk and installed water treatment system, the system of centralized distribution of concentrate electrodeionization systems, thermal disinfection, ventilation systems of production that are also produced in the Sverdlovsk region at the "Medsintez" .

Doctors, nurses and engineers who will work in the clinic, and have been trained in the Urals.

Ural Pharmaceutical Cluster is implementing a project to build in Russia and 200 outpatient dialysis centers.

— Every day at the center will be able to receive assistance to 160 patients. The clinic is built to the latest European standards and equipped with the latest medical equipment for hemodialysis. All clinic patients will receive treatment free of charge, — the chairman of the supervisory board of "Ural pharmaceutical cluster," a member of the Federation Council, Eduard Rossel. 

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