Uralelectromed establishes a modern complex refining of copper

On "Uralelectromed" (metallurgical complex UMMC) construction and installation work on the complex fifth anode furnace smelting plant. High-tech bottling equipment supplied the German company SMS Meer. The cost of the project is 1.2 billion rubles.

"The new, fifth furnace will allow in the future to increase the production of copper anodes to 570 thousand tons per year, providing a completely new production plant electrolysis of copper", — said the head of the copper-smelting plant of "Uralelectromed" Boris Oshchepkov. During the installation will be equipped with modern high-performance filling machines. The set includes two anodosemschika and revolving machine running on hydraulics, weight batching plant. Being constructed furnace will be equipped with a reliable control system that ensures accurate compliance parameters and will improve the quality of smelted copper and efficient use of energy resources. In the copper-smelting shop already completed preparatory construction works: flooded basements for roundabouts, installation weight dosing, installation paroudaleniya, anodosemschikov, oil station. At this stage it is already set foot ring bearing mounted under the filling machine. Work carried out under the supervision of the company SMS Meer. Contractor serving SMU and centralized repair shop equipment "Uralelectromed", "Remenergomash." At the same time in the shop being renovated transit vehicle, which will be reconstructed narrow gauge lines. This will optimize the loading and unloading of finished products. Finish the installation is planned in March of this year, the same equipment will test a cold start.

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