Uralkhimmash made the column equipment for my daughter Rosneft

"Uralkhimmash" shipped to the customer — LLC "Novokuibyshev oils and additives" (NK "Rosneft") — a vacuum column C-102. Size of the equipment:

  • weight — 90.4 tons,
  • height — more than 38 meters.

The column has a variable inner diameter:

  • at the top — 4 m, wall thickness 25 mm housing,
  • the bottom — 2 meters from the housing wall thickness of 22 mm.

The column is designed for vacuum separation of the base oil to lighter components (heavy hydrocarbons, light hydrocarbons with a pair of hydrogen sulfide H2S to 1% vol.) Diesel fraction, light and heavy oil. This equipment is used to install raffinate hydroconversion. Currently in the shops of "Uralkhimmash" made a total of 14 units of column equipment for the enterprises included in the NK "Rosneft".

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