Uralmashplant (Ekaterinburg) is upgrading production

February 18, 2013 at JSC "Uralmashplant" was put into operation and the third largest Italian company RAMA machine cost a quarter billion rubles.Gantry machining center is designed to handle large equipment for the metallurgical and mining industries.

The machine frame — not the only one who appeared in the production. Two more Frame, smaller, are already in place since 2012, and currently there is an installation of the South Korean carousel turning and machining center Henkuk.

In the coming years, major investment in a deep modernization of the plant will be directed, first of all, on the radical renewal of the mechanical assembly production. Investment in equipment UZTM in a separate program, which is implemented for several years, with the support of "Gazprombank".

With the upgrading of production facilities oldest company of the Urals is experiencing a rebirth that will Uralmash strengthen its position in the domestic and international markets through the issuance of a competitive innovative products.

— Now we buy machines "general-purpose" that will be needed in any case, whatever the path of development, we have not chosen, — said General Director of JSC "Uralmashplant" Andrey Saltanov. — One of our priorities is to reduce the production time of orders. The new equipment will allow us to reduce the time to perform a series of operations, and good planning — to reduce the full production cycle.

FRAME The new center is designed to handle large parts of body. It can handle products up to 3.5 m high, 12 m long, 4 m wide, while providing highly accurate dimensions and shape of the product — the positioning accuracy of the axes of 15-20 microns meets the highest standards of the world of mechanical engineering. A test of complex geometrical shapes was successfully control the geometry of the accuracy in the Ural Federal University. Today it is one of the most accurate tools for Uralmashplant.

"RAMA VERTIRAM» has a very high performance. The speed of the part is 3-4 times higher than on the machines used in the factory before. It is achieved through the proper cutting speed, and by automating the operations, which includes an automatic measurement of parts with the measuring probe Renishaw RMP60, software processing, and including automatic tool change and angle heads. In addition, the machine can handle large parts with five sides without having to reinstall.

For operation and maintenance of the machine involved only the most skilled workers and production engineers who have been trained in Italy, the company manufacturing the machine PAMA Spa

"Uralmashzavod"— One of the leaders of the Russian market of equipment for metallurgy, mining, oil and gas industry, building materials, and energy. The Company’s strategy envisages the creation of a world-class engineering enterprise, which will be able to fully satisfy the needs of customers in the equipment.

On Uralmashplant supported the principal shareholder — Gazprombank — Developed and implemented an investment program involving the radical reconstruction of all industries: metallurgy, forging, welding, mechanical assembly.

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