Uralmashplant started shipment of EKG-18 for JSC Coal Company KRU

In the address of "MC" KRU "has shipped the first cars equipment. EKG-18, manufactured by URALMASH, will be given of "Coal Company" KRU "leasing company" Gazprombank Leasing "in accordance with the terms of the agreement, signed in July 2010

ECG-18 (career tracked excavator with a bucket capacity of 18m3) — new for URALMASHZAVOD machine designed based on EKG-1500R, designed by experts Uralmash earlier. Unlike its predecessor, the ECG-18 will be equipped with AC drive that provides a significant reduction in unit operating and energy costs while the machine. Given the experience of operating EKG-1500R will be increased hoisting capacity and pressure, bearing capacity of individual components and parts excavator. In addition, the new excavator will be equipped with information systems, modern systems of management and control, which has been widely applied in Uralmash machines. They allow you to monitor the parameters of the units excavator, identify the main technological parameters, to protect components and systems from the machine operator’s misconduct that may cause them to overload and failure.

Contractual delivery and commissioning of the machine in test production — October 2011. The machine will be used for overburden strata of coal in one of the sections of the company.

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