Urals scientists have created anti-drug vaccine

Two years later, the drug may appear on the shelves of scientists from the Urals State Medical Academy have developed a drug that will help fight against opium addiction drugs, including heroin. The idea of creating a synthetic immunogen protivoopioidnogo the scientists began about five years ago.

According to the researchers, the drug acts on the same principle as the measles vaccine. "Create a group of antibodies in the body, and when the drug will come, the antibodies will bind him and bring no change from the body. Kaif addict will not receive, "- said the executive director of the Ural pharmaceutical cluster Alexander Petrov.

Currently the drug has already passed the first stage of pre-clinical tests and verified on small animals. The next step involves checking for large animals and then in humans. Scientists estimate that the process will take about two years, reports "RIA Novosti".

Opium is produced from opium poppy is the raw material for the production of opiate drugs: codeine, morphine. The substance is used for the synthesis of the drug — heroin.

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