URALSPETSMASH show new transport and power plant Ange-8-200


The unit is heating liquids Ange-8-200 (hereinafter — the unit) is a transport-power plant and has the following technological features:

Transportation of non-flammable and chemically neutral liquids at a constant temperature;
Heated incombustible and chemically neutral liquids to a predetermined temperature (not more than 90C).

The unit is used as a heating plant for the error conditions in the housing sector, as the process equipment in the oil and gas industry and in other industries that require the presence of coolant medium parameters.
Additionally unit Ange-8-200, the short-term use as a heating system for heating homes and buildings in emergency situations.

Design and operation

Equipment unit Ange-8-200 is placed on the mounting platform and installed on the chassis of Ural, Kamaz or trailer.

The main components of the unit are:

1. The tank thermos. Tank material — steel 3. Usable capacity of the tank is 8 cubic meters. The tank is insulated foiled penofolom, insulation thickness of 30 mm, outer skin — galvanized steel;
2. Pump system. As standard, the unit Ange-8-200 is equipped with a pump 1SVN-80A, providing the filling and emptying of the tank;

3. Heat generator. Made of stainless steel and is mounted to the interior of the tank. Heat generator provides heat transfer flow medium;

4. Block automated burner device. The burner Riello RG4S (Italy) delivers the burning of diesel fuel and feed products of combustion heat source. The burner is equipped with a fan to provide air for combustion, combustion control unit, automatic flame failure protection. Additionally, the burner is mounted stand-alone heater needed for preheating burner electronic components for operation at low outside temperatures.

5. Control and signaling. Placed in the driver’s cab (when the unit is installed on the chassis) in a special compartment or in the immediate vicinity of the burner (for placement on trailer). Control and signaling provides the setting desired temperature operating environment, management burner device, the output light indication of faults in the equipment.

The principle of operation of the unit Ange-8-200.

1. When operating the unit at low outdoor temperatures, you must first activate the offline heating burners for at least 20 minutes prior to their launch;

2. Fill the tank thermos working fluid at least 60% of the total capacity by pump or through the filler cap. The unit Ange-8-200 is equipped with security system, in which the burner will not be possible while emptying the tank;

3. On the control unit and the alarm set the desired temperature of the working environment and make the burner. Combustion products enter the heat source. As a result, the heat transfer fluid is heated in the tank as long as the desired temperature is reached the working medium, after which the burner is switched off. Constant temperature is in the automatic mode, the control unit controls the signaling and switching off the burner, and in an automatic mode according to the current temperature of the working environment;

4. In case of unsuccessful start-up stage or when an emergency situation (flame failure, lack of fuel, lack of fluid in the tank, etc.), you must remove the cause and repeat the burner. In this case, the control unit and the alarm lamp lights up;

5. Emptying the tank is the pump. Working environment is sent to the hoses (piping) on serviced sites.




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