Uraltechnostroy has supplied equipment for the Trading House LUKOIL

On the production site "Corporation Uraltechnostroy" shipment is maslopunkta unit, part of the compressor station with the installation of gas dehydration at Kharyaga LLC "LUKOIL-Komi". Maslopunkt intended for storage of fresh oil gas turbine units and booster compressor.

Maslopunkta unit has dimensions: 9.0? 6.0? 3.75 m and is equipped with heating, ventilation, lighting, fire alarm systems and gas pollution. The building, with a heated indoor air temperature of not less than 20 0C. Protecting designs of walls, roof and floor insulation panels made of three-layer "sandwich" wall thickness of 150 mm. The design of the unit provides a high level of convenience of their installation on site of construction and safe operation of the equipment on the field as a whole.

Maslopunkt equipped with compressor oil supply tank, pump units of fresh oil, electric drum pumps, instruments and apparatus for measuring pressure and temperature gauges as well as with primary converters for automatic control of process parameters and transmit information to the control system of the customer. The equipment is designed taking into account the climatic conditions of the area in which the average temperature of the coldest five days as low as minus 43 ° C.
Another completed project shows the confidence of the company "Trading house" LUKOIL "to the" Corporation Uraltechnostroy "- a reliable manufacturer of oil and gas equipment.

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