UralVagonZavod — annual plan has been executed. We go to a new record!

At the head office of JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "has fulfilled the annual plan for the production of rolling stock. The volume of production since the beginning of the year amounted to 24,830 units.

Thus, the plan of production of railway equipment put on the board of directors of the company is made. To date, 19,347 wagons made various modifications and 5,315 tanks. And increased production of timber — 168 units. Growth rate relative to 2011 was 107.2%. Until the end of 2012 will produce another 3,000 items of rolling stock and to reach a record level of 28,000 units.

To achieve such good results have allowed the effective management, high-performance work teams railway car and steel industries and the full-scale modernization, implemented Uralvagonzavod in recent years. It applies to virtually all railway car plants and metallurgical industries engaged in rolling stock. Particular attention is paid to the production of rolling stock on the reliability and safety of the cast parts, which are regularly carried out to improve the quality of our products.

UralVagonZavod not only the leader in the domestic freight railway engineering, but also produces the world famous fighting vehicles, successfully developing new types of civil and heavy machinery.


Recall that the record has been broken and and 2011. It was produced 24.050 cars (as many plant products not produced even in the years of the USSR), which is 40% more than in 2010. Among them — 18,589 wagons of various modifications and 5,350 tanks. Almost 4-fold increased production of timber and exceeded 100 units.

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