Uralvagonzavod runs Carriage project in Angola

UralVagonZavod to 2016-2017 years can create production cars in Angola for South Africa. The project cost is estimated at $ 100 million, about the possibility to allocate funds for the project has already said VTB.

Yesterday, the head of the Department of subsidiaries of VTB Group Michael Yakunin said the Russian-Angolan business forum in Luanda, that the SPC "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) plans to start production in Angola freight cars. Director Uralvagonzavod to work with state organizations Yuri Lyzhin explained "" that production could be launched during 2016-2017, when Angola plans to complete the modernization of its railway network. The investments will amount to $ 100 million, which is likely to be borrowed. MA Yakunin, who was quoted by the "Interfax", said that "the Russian and Angolan parties shall consider in the first place VTB as a key partner in financing such projects." To implement the project Uralvagonzavod plans to establish a joint venture with any of the "local partners", proposed by Angola. According to Yu Lyzhin, the power plant in the first phase is planned to reach 1.5-2 million cars a year, in the first place — gondolas. Uralvagonzavod expects to supply castings and components for the assembly of Russia, and then increase the localization.

In Uralvagonzavod believe that Angola will be a steady demand for cars, because there are source of raw materials for the transport of goods to Uganda and Congo (first of all — copper ore concentrate). In addition, the feasibility of the project in Uralvagonzavod based on the fact that "the next two to Angola railcar plant found only in South Africa." Uralvagonzavod wants to produce cars for the "Cape gauge" (1064 mm), used in 20 countries in Africa.

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