Uralvagonzavod The modernization Ring rolling machines CPS-1000


In the forge number 3 Uralvagonzavod has completed the modernization of the unique Ring rolling machines CPS-1000, designed for smooth rolling and profile rings with a diameter of 1 meter.

These parts are used in the manufacture of machinery "Uralvagonzavod" as well as road-building and other civil products. The modernization was part of a large-scale modernization of metallurgical parent company "Uralvagonzavod".

Repair and modernization of the mill were carried out in a short time — just 1.5 months — the specialists in the General Mechanics Uralvagonzavod and ZAO STI "Component" (Chelyabinsk). In the process of reconstruction of the CPS-1000 was completely disassembled. All the mechanical components repaired or replaced. Then set a new, more reliable hydro-electric and pneumatic best Russian and foreign producers; upgraded system liquid and grease. Installed a new post mill control system with Control Room and modern design: now control the CPS-1000 is carried out by a computer, and all operation parameters on the display.

The works were complicated by the fact that the Ring rolling machines is a unique single-piece device that at small dimensions capable of producing rings with high performance and precision manufacturing. The design capacity of the CPS-1000 is 100 units per shift. Stan was produced in 1984, the Moscow "VNIIMETMASH" and to this day the modernization never exposed. Just like mills were four instances.

As a result of repair CPS-100 increased the quality and accuracy of rolling: Tolerance instead of 7 mm is now only 2 mm, which saves time and metal parts manufacturing, stresses in the material of the corporation. In addition, the working conditions were improved as a result of process automation, improved the reliability of electro-hydraulic control pitched and extended its service life.

Now the company solved the problem downloading Ring rolling machines: Can CPS will work on the oil and gas industry, and in the future will continue cooperation with the manufacturers of trams. Over the past few years, in addition to production of parts for machinery, blacksmith shop is open from Ust-Katavsky railcar plant. In 2009, it was among metalloprokatchikov metallurgical production Uralvagonzavod was chosen by the manufacturer Ural tires for trams due to the high quality and reliability, "Uralvagonzavod".


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