Uranus — storm ships

Of "Tactical Missiles Corporation" presented at the International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg samples of the newest anti-tank guided missiles.

"We began the modernization of a new missile system" Uran-E ". Its development was the "Uranium-UE", the element of which — the container anti-ship missile Kh-35UE in the aviation option to equip the aircraft naval aviation is represented at the show, "- said the chief designer of the corporation Nikolai Vasilev. In the next two to three years to complete the development of marine option, then the ships will be adapted to the new missile.

The chief designer said that the main feature of the X-35UE is two-fold increase in the range shots and improved flight control system. Missile was a fundamentally new quality: four points the route changes, the possibility of rounding islands, attacking targets in the narrow waters, fjords and coastal strip.

In addition, the Corporation for the first time at the show in St. Petersburg, presented the newest antiship guided missile Kh-31AD equipped with active head pointing. To double the range, has become more powerful than the weight of the warhead (110 kg). "To build a system of air defense against the supersonic missiles is difficult, it is very effective against surface targets," — said the developer.

In the coming years, the corporation will introduce new models of anti-ship weapons that are under development. However, according to Vasilyev, still remains relevant supertorpeda "Squall-M". "Attempts by foreign firms to copy it or to develop such were not successful, and we are the exclusive owners’, — Stated the chief designer.

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