Uruguay’s National Guard service pleased with the results of armored cars Tiger

Uruguay’s military, following the use of armored cars produced in Russia "Tiger", these machines have given high praise. National Guard units, who used these machines, responded positively about their characteristics. 

Earlier this modification armored car "Tiger" was tested in spetsnaz units bope — Brazilian police. There’s also an armored car has earned high ratings and positive reviews.

Available in Uruguay special armored cars "Tiger" have increased bulletproof protection, consistent stanag 4569 level 3 which protects against rifle-caliber bullets 7.62h51mm and armor-piercing bullets.

  • Armored Car 'Tiger' National Guard Uruguay
  • Armored Car ‘Tiger‘ National Guard Uruguay

"Tiger" has a booking engine, detachable armored battering ram to "kenguriny" and bars on the windows. The cabin is air-conditioned and screen for external cameras that provide a 360-degree view for the driver and commander.

Currently Uruguay is considering the purchase of an additional batch of armored cars "Tiger" for the needs of the National Guard and Army units.

  • Armored 'Tiger' National Guard Uruguay
  • Armored ‘Tiger’ National Guard Uruguay

Uruguay previously bought Russian trucks "Ural" for the needs of different modifications of the armed forces. Was originally purchased used trucks in Germany (GDR former army machine), but the results of their operation Uruguayan military found "Ural" the most suitable vehicle to transport artillery or tow vehicles in difficult terrain conditions and high altitude.

Since 2001, the "Rosoboronexport" delivers in Uruguay new all-wheel drive army trucks "Ural-4320" (6? 6). Total in service with the Uruguayan army has about 500 cars, "Ural".

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