USA: 10 most absurd inventions




Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a list of the ten most useless inventions. The first three places are occupied by water-repellent towel, soundproof microphone and a ventilator for a submarine.

To determine this in dozens of university computer network organized the contest, which was sent to about 500 different inventions. The winners were selected by drawing lots.

1. Hydrophobic towel

2. Soundproof microphone

3. Wicket for a submarine

4. The book is about how to learn to read on their own.

5. Inflatable target for a game of darts ("dart")

6. Table of Contents for the dictionary.

7. Underwater parachute.

8. Water soluble.

9. Chair on wheels with pedal power.

10. Waterproof tea bag.


Battery News, 07:54 27.11.2003
Source: Washington ProFile

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