USC finished the work on designing a passenger ship

JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC) to the end of the year to complete the hiring of passenger ship. According to the draft, the ship can accommodate 200 people. As reported in an interview with TV channel "Russia 24" at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, president of Roman Trocenko: — "We have now completed the design of the vessel up to 200 people. And we expect the hiring of the vessel at the end of this year with delivery in 2014. Therefore, in the those on the river will be the new ships. " Construction of cruise ships are very expensive, and they can build yourself pozvodit only strong companies. "USC" is one of those companies, and it is ready to build ships. According to the head "USC", the company already has two bids for the construction of passenger ships: with a capacity of 180 and 400. The payback period of the ship — 20 years, however, the demand for ships in Russia is growing. According to the president of USC, river tourism in Russia is a dying business, because entrepreneurs are the tax burden obligations. This business is very low profits due to the fact that the ships are idle for almost six months. It is possible that the enactment of the shipbuilding industry will be able to make a difference in the commercial shipbuilding industry.

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