Ussuri hatchery started modernizing the shunting of TEM2

On the Ussuri locomotive repair plant (branch of "Zheldorremmash") started work on the modernization of the shunting of TEM2. Enhanced capacity of TEM2 likely to remain at the same level, which he has now — 1200 horsepower. However, it will be installed instead of one two diesel-generator sets manufactured by Caterpillar and Cummins. This will account for the management of individual diesel generator sets save fuel, explained the company. Also, thanks to the installation of imported diesel consumer can save on maintenance and diesel engine oil. Since 2016, the load of the plant of "Russian Railways" will fall. "So — the director of the Ussuri hatchery Andrey Antropov — for the remaining three years to the point where we start to fall production, we consider our main task to prepare this project — to release the locomotive and certify it. Thanks to attract customers and already for 2016 year to form a very good serious order. To my mind, we can create an object that will allow us to prevent a decline in production and to develop further. "

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