Ust-Luga Do not abandon and projects

Problems of the complex development of the port of Ust-Luga and the surrounding area, as well as the work of the bill on public-private partnership — the two key issues that were discussed at the meeting with the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin Ust-Luga "in the office of« Ust Luga. "

"Are the next stage of development of the port?" — With such a question asked Sergei Naryshkin, the audience at the meeting of the representatives of «Ust-Luga."

General Director of JSC "Ust-Luga" Svetlana Makarova began her presentation by showing photos of the bay prior to the construction of Sea Commercial Port.

The work done since its founding to the present day are striking — now there are 12 terminals, two and three are under construction at the initial design stage. All terminals are equipped with high-quality modern equipment, one could see the recent launches of the terminal company "Sibur-Portenergo" and OJSC "NOVATEK".

Makarova also noted the good work of JSC "Russian Railways" — both on the stage of construction of the port, and at the present time. More than 3.5 tys.rabochih places already provided port. By 2030, this figure is to multiply several times in connection with the creation and development of five interconnected clusters of transport and logistics, industrial, residential, recreational and agricultural.
But where the successes and difficulties arise. Further development hampered by the lack of legislation on public-private partnership.
"We do not have the status of a management company, and this greatly complicates the process of development. No major investor will not come unless there is sure that he can dispose of his business plan, and that will be able to avoid a number of risks ", — explained Svetlana Makarova.
According to the head of «Ust-Luga", there are difficulties in the development of adjacent areas. A master plan of Ust-Luga rural settlement was not accepted by the local administration, and at the moment of the general plan of Ust-Luga not exist. "
In the words of the speaker of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin, it became clear that the bill on public-private partnership will be finalized and adopted by the Russian parliament in the autumn session. He promised to hold a mandatory meeting of the Board of Investment Policy.
"Legislation should be arranged in such a way — added Sergey Naryshkin — to help present to investors and to ensure that where a business is developing, it is comfortable to live."

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