Ust-Luga ten years — a new benchmark

It is not often the anniversary of a company is a landmark event for the region. It is understood that in this case the date itself is not important, and achieved results. 10th anniversary of "Ust-Luga" remarkable emergence and development of the port of the same name, as well as integrated development of the adjoining territory of the Leningrad region. It is now thousands of jobs, and in the near future there will be even greater.

"Ten years of the port — is not only a serious date, but also a visual confirmation — the project took place, and its implementation is ongoing, — said General Director of JSC" Ust-Luga "Maxim Shirokov. — The need for the construction of the port of Ust-Luga first began in the early 1990s, when the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has experience a shortage of port capacity. To the actual implementation of the project, in practice, started in 2002, when a contract was signed with our company and launched the public-private partnership. Today the port of Ust-Luga is actively working with each month increasing capacity. Over the last year the port’s has doubled to nearly 23 million tons. We assume that this year it will double, and by 2018 should reach stated in the draft turnover of 180 million tons ".

  • Panoramic view of the port
  • Panoramic view of the port

Strategy paid off, which is considered as the terminals of individual investment projects. They come into operation one after the other — now they are 11. 1.2 kilometers left to go wharfage, and the next year the construction of the port itself will actually be closed ahead of schedule. As a result of this consistent approach rationally used construction resources, and administered objects is provided by qualified staff.

"The issue of staff — one of the most important in the commissioning of the port facilities and the subsequent development of the area — said Shirokov. — Today in the port at the same time working about 3 thousand people. The average salary is about 40,000 rubles a month, that’s a good indicator for the Leningrad region. The number of personnel we are constantly growing. Therefore initiated and is being constructed in parallel of the village next to the port. It is planned that this city is home to about 35,000 people: this is the port workers and staff surrounding infrastructure, as well as members of their families. In June, will take delivery of the first four homes in 2013 will come into operation on 350 school children and a kindergarten for 140 places. And buy housing not only the company for its staff, but also ordinary citizens — they have already sold about twenty apartments. Typically, these are people who want to work here in the future. But now, given the projects for integrated development of the industrial zone near the water area, we understand that the residents of the new city will be much greater. "

Among the objects of social infrastructure in seven schools, eleven nurseries, three health facilities and four sports, administrative and business center, etc.

At the request of "Ust-Luga" held two special studies related to personnel. They have allowed to find out who you can attract to create jobs, what guided regional preferences. This year will launch another major study on this subject and on a contract basis to attract experienced consultants who are now helping to solve staffing problems in the Olympic Sochi. That is planned to implement a comprehensive program to attract labor.

"We understand the difficulties that are here — shared broadly. — In Russia there is a certain residency requirement — people are reluctant to go to a new job. Even if the place of residence in unemployment. Therefore the problem of enormous, but it is in our focus. Ready-made solutions yet, but I think that for 2012-2013, they will be found. "

There will be jobs and transportation. Ust-Luga rail hub will be one of the largest and most modern in Europe, for it will take many service professionals. Altogether, the node six stations, two of which are already running. This year begins construction of large yard. Will develop the railway infrastructure in the port itself. On the whole unit "RZD" work in Ust-Luga with a substantial ahead of schedule. Cargo turnover of 120 million tons by rail should be provided by 2018, but has now reached the level of 80 million

In the scheme of territorial planning Kingiseppe district has a spot for the construction of the airport. This commercial project will also create jobs for a number of specialist ground services.

In general, a transport, logistics and engineering infrastructure of the port can be considered as a kind of springboard for the industrial development of adjacent areas. It will be comprehensive, based on carefully designed projects with the maximum preservation of the environment. The development strategy for the next 30 years was approved last year by the Board of Directors of JSC "Ust-Luga" and approved by the leadership of the Leningrad region. It is based on several mutually linked clusters, transportation and logistics, industrial zones, construction, etc. In other words, in the north Kingisepsky district will soon open a number of businesses which require specialists of various profiles.

Decade of "Ust-Luga" — just a point of reference. The development of the port and the surrounding area continues. Anyone who now come here to work, will soon be "old-timer." Again, at first always more likely to make a career, grow into true professionals. Examples of this are many successful start.

Nicholas ZENITSA

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