UTZ involved in the modernization of the Kazakh Energy

On the Ural Turbine Plant successfully tested turbine for Paul SS-2.

Single-casing turbine T-50/60-8, 8 is made for heating plants operating in the system of JSC "SevKazEnergo." On its complex trials attended by representatives of the customer: the head of the reconstruction and modernization of CHP Maxim Bubleynik and chief Sergei Torokhtiy turbine plant.

The contract for the manufacture of turbines was signed in February 2011, and the supply of ancillary equipment started in December 2011. The first was shipped capacitor. Last game — in August 2012 — will be sent to the network heater.

The new plant will replace the product of the Ural Czech turbine twin-cylinder R-33-90 / 1,3 Skoda company and will be mounted on the same foundation. Replacement project installations prepared JSC "KazNIPIEnergoprom"

Successful cooperation with "SevKazEnergo" allowed UTZ hope to expand presence in Kazakhstan. Today, negotiations are underway to supply a few of the Ural Republic turbines for power plants.

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