UVZ — 190 tank cars per month

By the end of the workshop, the 360 managed to reach a production of 190 tank cars per month. Such a record high in the team division until it was not.

— With the modernization of the equipment in the plans — to produce 220 units per month — said the deputy head for production preparation Alexander Gorbushin.

Under the re-equipment until the end of this year the 360th received two drilling machines and three welding machine. In the near future should also get additional hydraulic ring for assembly and welding of the boiler, which will increase the output of the shop.

On the line "Haeusler" new welding machines of the company «SAAB» equipped with two positions. They are allowed to increase productivity, improve weld quality and reduce the risk factors in the workplace. Now working with the touch screen can adjust the degree of purification of air depending on the type of operation.

— This year we have managed to solve a lot of labor protection — said during a conversation Alexander. — Soon will end mounting installation of ventilation, which cost more than 11 million rubles. They took a question through the "Haeusler": now slag will be cleaned mechanically — for each position will be stationary industrial vacuum cleaner. This year we plan to open the shop floor room prevention for those who work with the pneumatic tool to reduce the risk of occupational diseases. Employees are able to adopt such procedures as heating arms, air baths, hydromassage. The necessary equipment is already ordered.

In the workshop of the construction of tanks for the project decentralization pneumosupply installed and put into operation five modern compressors Italian company «Ceccato» for compressed air. According to preliminary calculations, the new compressors and dryers will be monthly "post" in the subdivision about three million.

— In the spring we completely abandoned the central plant’s network of compressed air and began to "eat" her, — says Alexander Gorbushin. — Expected annual savings of units will make up about 22 million rubles, given the cost of new equipment and the cost of electricity consumed by them.

The idea of getting in the shop own air specialists came 360 th in the beginning of last year, after a detailed analysis orgtehplana. He showed that the department is spending enormous sums on energy resources, most of which — for the consumption of compressed air.

— Experts Engineering Department, a draft for the implementation of the decentralization program pneumosupply in subdivisions Uralvagonzavod, — says Alexander. — Our workshop — the first welding, which has set new compressors.

Next year, plans 360 th — get a new electric bridge cranes to strengthen the main conveyor and increase productivity, as well as drobeochistnuyu treatment chamber end wall gondola.

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