UZ increasing number of cars with air conditioning

The State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine "UZ" in preparation for the season of summer passenger traffic will prepare 1,664 thousand cars equipped with air conditioning system.
According to the report, "uz", for such cars "UZ" will acquire about 63 tonnes of refrigerant. Total for the season of summer passenger traffic "UZ" prepare 4,532 thousand cars.

In particular, as of May 14, "UZ" has updated the various types of repairs for 19% more than what was planned for that date — 3,471 thousand cars.

In this case, the air conditioning system is equipped with 1,270 thousand cars, which is 137 more cars than planned.
At the same time, to maintain the appearance of trains in good condition will be the new modern cleaning systems running on four major depots and stations, "uz" — Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv and Donetsk.
"All work must be completed before the beginning of the season of summer traffic — 25 May", — the press-service of "uz".
It was reported that out of all the rolling stock "uz" only 36.7% have air conditioning, while the other cars has a system of so-called natural ventilation.
The President instructed by November of this year for the purchase of railway from the state budget 200 compartment cars, 41 passenger cars equipped with seats for transportation of people with disabilities, as well as 7 specialized technical service and cars.
The President has determined that the source of financing for passenger vehicle fleet railways are the funds of the State budget.

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