UZ spent on repair stations, 73 million USD


"UZ" in the current year is reconstructing 6 6 stations and station complexes for a total of 73.4 million hryvnia. Reconstruction of the majority of the facilities located on the path of high-speed trains in the cities, which hosted Euro 2012, was completed prior to the event, on the other — the work completed before the end of this year. The press-service of "uz".

The report notes that 2012 was the year of renewal for the Donetsk railway station complex, Krasnohrad, Kiev Pas, Mostinska-2; stations stations Kozyatin, Pas, Art. Korosten, Lviv, Lutsk, Makiyivka-Passenger, Kharkov-Balashov, also being renovated station of one of the oldest Ukrainian resort town SLAVIANSKA.

The most extensive work was performed at the Donetsk railway station complex, which after renovation may serve more than 35 million passengers a day. The updated package includes: transit and commuter train stations, large and small concourse (transitions above the track), two shopping complexes, stopping point for buses, as well as basic, fully renovated building of the existing station. Overall station capacity increased from 700 to 2.3 million people.

Also, it was restored station Kharkov-Balashov. At full speed the reconstruction of the railway station is the station Slovyansk. It is worth noting that at the time of reconstruction for the time passengers are equipped offices and waiting areas. Completion of all work is planned before the end of October this year. The reconstruction is carried out at the expense of the railroad. Bandwidth station Slovyansk increase to 10.2 thousand people a day.

In 2011, for the repair and renovation of buildings and structures of railway passenger facilities used more than 123 million hryvnia equity. Was reconstructed 6 stations and 8 station complexes.

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