Valiantly lived, Death will break the memory of you never die!

Great feeling! at every door,

Which way is neither’ll pick,

We hear the children call mother

Distant, but striving for children.


Great feeling! It till the end

We keep alive in my heart,

We love his sister and wife, and his father,

But we are in the throes of a mother remember!

Stepanova EF — The mother of nine sons, who died during the Great Patriotic War

Every Russian family defended their homeland and family Stepanov — is a hero!

A great and tragic fate of Russian mother survived his children, fell to a simple peasant Kuban Epistinii Fyodorovna Stepanova (1874-1969). Nine sons gave birth to and raised Epistiniya Feodorovna, all nine of gave their lives for their country.

In the late 1880s, one of the villages under Mariupol in search of a better life moved on a free Kuban family farmer Fedor Rybalko. The head of the family on the road and ruptured, reaching in 1890 the Cossack lands, soon died. The family went through the world. Mother gave 8-year-old pesto rotten for feeding, where the girl and grew to 16. By that time, though, and grew up an orphan, but has blossomed pesto and has become an attractive girl, for which the Kursk woo immigrant — Michael Stepanov.

15 children were in their family. Four before the revolution mowed disease, hunger.

In the thirty-third did not become her husband, Mikhail Nikolaevich.

Died grain grower, good workman man, his hands knew the craft cooper and blacksmith, carpenter and tinsmith.

Children grow up with friendly Epistinii Feodorovna, hard-working, fun.

But at the door of the parent homes already knocked war.

Epistinii Fyodorovna Stepanova fell to spend on the road dashing war of all his sons. Returned home only one. Nine times she came out of the gate, holding his son’s knapsack. The road out of the village the 1st of May, that the Kuban was first field, and then took away a little up the hill, and then a man in a soldier’s coat was clearly visible. So remember Epistiniya F. sons — going.

Alexander, Nicholas, Basil, Philippe, Theodore, John, Elijah, Paul, and a younger Alexander — all but senior Alexander, who died in the Civil War, and Fedor, who fell in battle against the Japanese invaders in the Halkin-Gol River, were called to Great Patriotic War. The mother remained daughter Valentina. And Nicholas, the only one who returned from the front after the war, died from the effects of wartime wounds.

…The war years the mother lode news from children. And do not forget the children’s mother. "It will soon return to their homes. I assure you that I will beat rabid scum of native Kuban, for the entire Soviet people, to the last breath will be faithful to the oath before in my chest beats the heart of … We conclude, then come. If there is happiness "- wrote junior Sasha, pinkie, so called his brothers. He was the last of the sons went off to war.

And then the letters are gone. They were not from Paul, Philip Elias, Ivan … So, in the dark,’s relentless anxiety and anticipation, came in 1943 — the year of the ordeal.

In 1943, Alexander was killed. He was twenty. After graduating from military school Lieutenant Alexander Stepanov fought in the Ukraine. When crossing the Dnieper River near the village of Selyshche all the men of his unit were killed. Then he, the commander of one survivor, holding a grenade in his hand, went out against the Nazis … Alexander Stepanov posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

The Kursk was lost Ilya. Under the Dnepropetrovsk laid his head scout partisan Vasily Stepanov. On the Belarusian land grave of Ivan. Missing one of the defenders of the Brest Fortress, Pavel Stepanov. In the Nazi concentration camp Forelkruz tortured Philip …

The mother did not immediately received funerals. Do not wear black mourning veil, believe that children are alive, but can not submit news. But the days passed, months, and they have not responded. Mother was waiting letters from children, and received notification of their death. Deep wounds inflicted heart of every such news …

In the Kuban, in the village of the Dnieper, the newly opened museum. It is named after the brothers Stepanov. In people, it is also called the Museum Russian mother. After the war, gathered here the mother of all his sons. Things that are stored in it can hardly be called a museum word "exhibits". Every object tells a mother’s love and filial tenderness. It contains everything that took care of his mother: violin Basil notebook with poems of Ivan, a handful of earth from the grave of Sasha … Appeal to mother full of filial love and care, "Many think of you, I live mentally with you, my dear mother. Often reminded of their own home, your family. "

After the war, the family Stepanovy learned the whole country. About Russian mother wrote a book, a museum named after her. And then there’s the movie. It was filmed during his lifetime Epistinii Feodorovna when she stepped on his ninth decade. He is shown on the small screen in the museum. The film is a documentary. It finds no outstanding directorial techniques and catchy statement. His character — is a very old woman in a white kerchief tied around carefully, country style. She said softly, and everyone who listens to it, it seems that only to him brought to its word. Quietly she says about those years when the number of children grew up. It is all in the distant happy time, and smoothed out her wrinkles, and becomes bright eyes, and the hand seems to be so myagkovolosuyu and looking for his son’s head to caress … Anyone who listens to it, to believe in good and want to see nothing wrong with her dear boy.


And then my mother’s voice interrupted, and then it becomes difficult to see the screen because of the flood of tears, it’s hard to listen to a woman, and can not cope with the excitement. Sounds live her voice: "All the children go, but my no …" silent screen, and people crying in the audience. No one can answer the mother, where the graves of Paul, Philip, Basil. Nowhere to come to her sob out her pain, no place to put belostvolnuyu birch tree — a symbol of Russian land and the Russian soul. Only one grave filial saw it — a monument to the younger Sasha Ukraine.

"As hard as you may, you think of me, and all your troubles will seem not so scary" — these words Epistini Feodorovna movie ends.

The museum The Stepanovs many books. Stand on a shelf, "The Dawns Here Are Quiet …" Boris Vasilyev, "White Bim Black Ear" Gabriel Troepol’skaya, "Hot Snow" by Yuri Bondarev … They are open on the first page: "In the museum of family Stepanov — with grief and remembrance of the fallen soldier. Yuri Bondarev, "" I give this book to the memory of the nine brothers Stepanov, who gave their lives for their country in World War II. Their heroism was a manifestation of the love of man, a manifestation of honor, sincerity and truth. Nine of the children of EF Stepanova will forever stay in the memory of posterity, together with their mother-heroine, daughter of the glorious motherland. Gabriel Troepol’skaya. "


You look at the picture … Epistinii Feodorovna in the museum and see the good, tired, wise, with some enlightened view of women. No more pictures of her in her youth. The one in the museum, made in his old age. This photo conveys what the state of mind of the Mother, that elevates it above the suffering.


A lot of in my life got letters Epistiniya Fedorovna. After the war, she wrote quite strangers. Each of the writers of only fi
nd the right words that were so essential to her. One of them — a young soldier from Vladimir Lebedenco. "Let me — he wrote, consider your sons, brothers, and your mother … Dear Epistiniya Fyodorovna, you have nine sons, and now they will be even more. " And her heart was in just such lines gain new strength.


His quiet life lived Epistiniya Fedorovna. Most of the released of her years spent in the waiting sons. Go to her grave and people go. In winter and summer flowers on it. Mother’s name brought together nine other names. Together, they — the family Stepanov. Bow their heads before the people obelisk, which is carved:

Valiantly lived,

Death to crush the

The memory of you

Will never die!


Timashyovsk. Monument E.F.Stepanovoy

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