VASO: Every tenth passenger airline Russia has transported

in August, the AN-148

In the last month of summer in six An-148 operated in JSC "Russia", done about a thousand flights. These aircraft have transported more than 60,000 passengers. Monthly raid each side by an average of 300 hours, the press service of the VACO.

"At the end of August 2013 JSC" Russia "has set a new record in terms of passenger traffic. During the period, the company’s services used by more than 600,000 people — a 13.4% increase compared with the figures for August 2012. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, the airlines of the country for eight months of this year increased the number of passengers compared to the same period last year by 14.9% — up to 56 million 361 thousand 253 people, "- told in the press service of the VACO.

His contribution to the growth of air travel and make production aircraft VASO.Altogether there are currently 14 aircraft in operation of machines. On passenger planes to airlines, "Russia", "Flight" and "Angara" — 11 regional aircraft An-148. Are in operation and three An-148 aircraft in a special performance. One of them, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations received in April 2013 the first flying hospital based on the An-148 is used to transport the victims. Geography of use — from Europe to the Russian Siberia. For example, in the second half of August, this board was brought to Moscow woman injured during the collapse of the ship "Poles’e-8" on the Irtysh River. Before that were committed similar rescue flights to Spain and Greece, told the press service of the VACO.

By the end of August, the total flight time 14 An-148 aircraft has reached 65,000 hours. They made more than 33 thousand flights with an average two-hour, as noted in the press-service.

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