VAZv 2013 certified for compliance with the European standard EASA Part145.

PAT guidance "VAZ" in 2012, it was decided in the works of "implementation in Ukraine of European safety standards," the certification of our company in 2013 to meet the requirements of the European standard EASAPart145.   rn  





In early April 2013, our company has successfully passed the first stage of the audit for compliance with the requirements of the European standard EASAPart145, which was conducted the audit team of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (GASU). This standard governs the activities regarding maintenance (maintenance) of aircraft and components.

Thanks to the coordinated work of the staff of the enterprise we have a tight schedule to implement European requirements into the existing quality management system (QMS) and successfully confirm their performance in an audit. After removing all the comments identified during the audit in July 2013 GASU endorsed the work of PJSC "VAZ" under the existing aviation legislation of Ukraine and the requirements of the European standartaEASAPart145 and issued a certificate № UA.145.0075.

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