Vegetable Revolution: in the Leningrad region have grown LED cucumbers

In the Leningrad region have developed a technology of growing cucumbers, which have not been used anywhere else in the world. Its main element — LED lighting greenhouses.

Today, almost everywhere where there are greenhouses for growing vegetables and other plants (technology greenhouses), as used sodium lamps lighting. However, the farmers of the Tikhvin district of Leningrad region have innovatively case and decided to try a modern LED backlighting. While the Company "Spring-Tikhvin" — the first company in Russia who dared to use such lighting for greenhouses.

Light-emitting diode or light emitting diode, — a semiconductor device. Unlike conventional lamps, light-emitting diode emits light of a particular color (normal light bulbs broader spectrum). Specific characteristics of light depend mainly on the chemical composition used in the LED semiconductor. LED bulbs are durable and last a long time, and in addition, have a high light output.

"Experimental" plants in greenhouses JSC "Spring-Tikhvin" were cucumbers. The essence of innovation is that instead of the traditionally used in greenhouses for lighting sodium lamps have been installed LED giving light red and blue colors. As it turned out, these technological changes have led to significant cost savings and increased productivity. C 1 square. m-covered ground began to collect 80 kg instead of 40 kg of cucumbers produced in normal lighting.

The cost of the light from the LED lamps in the greenhouse area of 1.5 hectares account for only 20%, and under the old lighting — all 57%. Cost of cucumbers, thus decreased from 57 rubles 23 kopecks to 27 rubles 57 kopeks per kilogram — more than twice. The most expensive, according to the management of CJSC "Spring-Tikhvin", was the first stage of innovation. It cost the company 200 million rubles, including the development of technology. In total area of 1.5 hectares set 7 thousand lights. Integrated in the system are automatically adjusted rate of light depending on the time of day, level of plant growth and other factors. It is estimated that equipping each new greenhouses LED will cost half the price — 100 million rubles.

Introduce new technology began in May 2012. Now it’s time to harvest. By mid-January was collected 700 kg of cucumbers grown under LED lighting. Their quality, including taste, they are no different from the cucumbers from the old.

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