Venus — a storehouse of minerals


Venus — a storehouse of minerals
28.11.03, the


Considering at leisure celestial bodies, astronomers saw Venus something new. Little green men, though it is not visible, but the mountains that form the landscape of the distant planet, managed to make out. And it turned out that they are made of metal and are giant mineral deposits. To get to that yet, alas, is impossible.

University of Washington astronomers believe that mountain likely consist of lead and bismuth. The temperature on the planet is extremely high, and the lead is melted corny. However, at a higher level metal cools and solidifies. This explains why the space radars that monitor the geomagnetic field Venus, note the high activity in the hilly regions of the planet.

By the way, lead and bismuth give the planet brightness — it almost always stands out in the night sky. By the size of Venus is about the same as Earth, but it is closer to the Sun and has a very dense atmosphere, the main component of which is carbon dioxide. Scientists say the temperature on the surface of Venus is +465 ° C..
Moreover, the pressure on Venus is 90 times greater than Earth's.

The only way to study the atmosphere of Venus — the planet's surface is scanned by radar, and to work with the Earth were launched several satellites. Of particular interest to astronomers and scientists to show the information from the satellite "Magellan", who studied Venus from 1990 to 1994. Pictures taken with the satellite, gave answers to some questions, for example, it became clear that the planet has volcanic rocks, in particular, whole valleys and fields of lava. There are also new questions, for example, scientists could not understand why the mountain ranges on the planet so bright.












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