Verhnevolzhrybvod increasing its stocking of rivers and lakes in the region

Since the beginning of the spawning season in the waters of the region produced more than 3 million larvae and fry of pike, river estuaries identified for stocking valuable species of fish — sturgeon and carp.

State order for growing young fish hatchery Chernozavodsky fulfilled, releasing in Gorky reservoir, the mouth of the Black River, Clear Lake, KUDRINSKAYA Yahrobolskoe and over one million pike larvae seven days of age. More future predators "a voyage" in the Rybinsk reservoir and river estuaries and Sit Chesnava affected by winter Zamora, hatchery plant in Breytovo.

In addition to juvenile pike fish farmers grow Yaroslavl in spawning ponds valuable species of juvenile fish. At the end of the season will be released into the water more than a million carp fry 2 — 3 weeks of age, to be followed by 250,000 sturgeon fingerlings.

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