Verkhneobrybvod holds stocking Obi near Novosibirsk

The second year in a row FGBU "Verkhneobrybvod" will launch in the Ob River near Novosibirsk peled larvae. Hand this week will be released over the Ob 28.5 million larvae. Stocking will be held at the village of "Fishing".

Stocking is held against damages caused by economic entities aquatic biological resources. Experimental mobile hatchery item "Krivodanovsky" where grown larva peled at the moment continues to incubate the eggs of red-listed species of fish like whitefish and white salmon. In the future, these types of fish will also be released in the Ob.

Photo report 2011:


Stage hatching

Newly hatched larva swims out of the machine in the pool

Maggot in basceyne feed and waiting for its release into the Ob

In the basin of no less than 100 thousand pieces of larvae to load into plastic bags

The larva in the bag. There is a gas station for the transport of oxygen

Loading bags of grub to send

Upload. Commission account. Bags dipped in water to equalize the temperature

Temperature measurement

Release larvae into the channel Ob


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