Versatile all-terrain vehicle Snowstorm

If your machine to remove the wheels and put it on the track, you get something entirely new, unprecedented — terrain vehicle "Snowstorm". This off-road vehicle to travel over snow of any depth, marshes, soils with low bearing capacity and to overcome water obstacles (with quick-installation of pontoons). And at the same time, this is your usual car with the usual level of comfort!
After the raid on the road your car gets back his wheel and drives off the track to re-roll on the asphalt.

Analog "Snowstorm" anywhere in the world! This is a purely Russian invention: make super-terrain vehicle out of the ordinary city car, and the price is several times less than if you had to buy a traditional heavy and expensive off-roader. Besides the usual all-terrain vehicle in the city just does not start up …

Small weight and dimensions allow to carry crawler module "Snowstorm" on the trailer around the city, then the highway — up to the point where it ends and asphalt, and generally expensive. And it is also an unusual sensation when in your car — as usual, and for the city — a super-terrain vehicle. Two in one. This is generally a incredibly new level of your mobility.

Field of application consoles extensive track. Patrolling and repair of oil and gas pipelines. The survey lines. Border patrols. Exploration. Search and rescue of people in emergency situations. Hunting and fishing in remote areas, rest in the mountains and skiing. Full extreme! [/ Cut]

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