Vesta is preparing to launch a new plant for the recycling of used batteries

The new plant leading manufacturer of batteries — the corporation "Vesta" — for waste-free recycling of used batteries "Rex" ("Recovery of lead") capacity of 40 tons (3,000,000 pcs.) Per year will start in May this year, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Oleksandr Vilkul.


"Creating a modern complex of waste-free recycling of used batteries is beneficial to our region’s economic and environmental terms. Cleaner production was the main condition of the regional authorities in the design and construction of the complex. Capacity of the plant will allow the expense of clean, waste-free processing to solve the problem of disposal of old batteries in Ukraine" — quoted A.Vilkula press service of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. Investment in the construction of the plant is 775 million USD, is planned to create 300 jobs. After reaching full production capacity is expected receipts in the budget and extrabudgetary funds will exceed 50 million USD per year. According to the press service, "Rex" is the first in Ukraine and the CIS complex for non-waste battery recycling. By the principle of closed loop it will be processed all the components of the battery, including the electrolyte, which annually enters the environment in more than 20 thousand tons. Produced during processing lead batteries to be used in the production of new batteries, the crystalline sodium sulfate — in glass, polypropylene, and granulated slag — in road construction industry. Under the project, the production will be used only moisture from precipitation — rain and snow. Consequently, the process water effluent into the environment will not be noted in the press release. According to experts, now in Ukraine are subject to recycling 6.5 million units. batteries. Earlier, the corporation noted that the implementation of the project for the recovery of lead (the main raw material for the production of battery) allows a 30-50% reduction in the cost of purchased lead, which is produced in the cost of batteries is 75%. The project to build a plant for recycling batteries has been launched in the summer of 2008. It was also established LLC "Rex" with a registered capital of 5 million USD, in which 100% owned by the Company "Vesta-Dnepr". Originally corporation planned to run the plant for the recovery of lead by the end of 2010.

FAQ: PBMCs "Vesta" (Accumulation of wind power Solar Technology) was established in 2002 as part of an innovative project "Development and production of the latest standalone integrated energy systems using solar power systems, wind turbines, and energy storage." "Vesta" is the best-selling lead-acid batteries in the CIS (the share of 31% in Ukraine, Russia — 12%). Among the five largest battery manufacturers in Europe. Manufacturing Corporation is focused mostly in the "Vesta-Dnepr" and "West Industrial", the total annual capacity of which is 7.6 million standard batteries. In 2011, sales volume and batteries, corporations increased by 18% and 20%, respectively, compared with 2010.

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