Video pogotovki spacecraft Spektr-R to launch

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome continuing intensive preparation for the launch of a space rocket "Zenit-3M" with the upper stage "Fregat-SB" and the Russian Radioastrophysical Radioastron observatory "Spektr-R".

The missile with a radio telescope Radioastron "Spektr-R" is scheduled for July 18, with the 45th site Baikonur cosmodrome. RadioAstron will be launched into an orbit with a perigee of 600 km and an apogee of 330,000 km. The duration of the spacecraft will be at least five years.

The aim of the project is to develop, together with a global network of ground-based radio telescopes single system ground-space interferometer to obtain images, coordinates and angular movements of various objects in the universe with an exceptionally high resolution. Creator of the satellite — Lavochkin. Project Coordinator — Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute.

Total weight of useful scientific approximately 2600 kg of cargo. It includes the weight of 1500 kg unfolding of a parabolic antenna with a diameter of 10 m and the mass of the electron, which counts receivers, low noise amplifiers, frequency synthesizers, controllers, signal converters, frequency standards, informative system of transmission of scientific data — about 900 kg. Mass of the satellite into orbit by rocket "Zenit-2SB" — "Fregat-2SB", about 5400 kg. Full power supply system is 2400 W, 1150 W of which is used for scientific instruments.

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