I just can not not post it, as long talked about the need for such devices.
I hope they will be massively.


Innovation in the Service of the Russian police. In the Murmansk region staff patrol, went on duty, now get a portable video camera with integrated GPS-receiver. Unique device in the form of a token captures all the action of the police, and thanks to satellite navigation attendant always know where the nearest outfit.

No sooner had the Murmansk police get used to his new status as there was another innovation. Now with weapons and special patrol get a video camera, which is attached to the form and removes all the action along with the start to the end of the shift.
Developer of video recording devices Sergey Efremenkov explained: "The employee is given of the device, and it is a black box — like in an airplane. It writes all the data and stores the information on the integrated carrier. "

The invention was called the "token", since the camera is shaped like a badge of sentry. Its development involved in a secret laboratory that manufactures communications equipment for the military. Videozheton easy to use and requires no special skills. It is equipped with a GPS-transmitter, enabling us to monitor all movements of attire. In the future, the image from the video cameras are planning to transfer directly to the duty of the monitors.

So far, only the guards are testing a new technique, but the advantages of using it, they have found. "If there is a dispute, then at this point is to say, an independent witness. And he will confirm my actions and the actions of a citizen, "- said one of the officers who took part in the trials videozhetona. Soi police allowed to cover the camera by hand, and in the proceedings is not to be construed in his favor. In this case, the citizen has the right to get a video with his participation.
In videozhetone has a powerful microphone — for 200 yards hear the sounds of a passing car. The quality of the video signal — like a digital camera, and the viewing angle — like the human eye, almost 70 degrees. In the device mounted stabilizer that during the walk is not lost clarity video. Perhaps the most important quality videozhetona is that it can not be turned off, so that all actions are recorded as a police officer and a citizen.

Charge the device battery lasts for 12 hours — it usually takes so much change. At the conclusion of a police patrol returns the device, and the information from the camera to the computer engineers will take. The battery will charge — and three hours later token ready for use again.

ATS chief city of Apatity Sergey Babenko is certain: "Documentation of all offenses — is the most important thing. It is equally important component of the anti-corruption — education and tightening actions of the employee. "

All information with tokens stored on the server and access it without a password can not be. Moreover, no special video program can not be reproduced. So it will protect against unauthorized access. If necessary, the data from these "black boxes" guards can be used even in six months.

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